Organisational structure

Board of Governors and Supervisory Board

The Board of Governors is the highest organ within the organizational structure of the IUR. The Board of Governors, the organ with its main task of supplying the financial support, has also the task of supervising the university as a whole. It has, mainly, the task of the control and the supervision of the whole university’s administration and management. It supports the Executive Board with advice and has the task of approving the documents of administration and management, the university’s annual plan, annual report, personnel policy, budget, and the co-management decisions.

The Board of Governors has the following members:

Mr. Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yalçıntaş Honorary chairman
Mr. Mustafa Erdebil Member
Mr. Selahattin Çelebi Member
Mr. Abdurrahman Kweens Member
Mr. Nusret Çelenk Member / Accountant

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board has the following members:

Mr. dr. Yavuz Bilgin Chairman
Mr. Prof. Dr. Jan Peters Member
Mr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet AkÅŸit Member
Mr. ing. Osman Elmacı Member
Mr. drs. Mustafa Akdemir Member
Mrs. drs. Jale Çelenk Member

Executive Board

The governing body of the university’s daily administration and management is the Executive Board. The Executive Board bears responsibility for strategic policy and the general The Executive Board answers its responsibilities to the Board of Governors. It is responsible running of the IUR as a whole.

Members are:

Prof. Dr. A. Akgunduz Rector and Chairman
Drs. E. Gokcekuyu Member

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