Guest lecture Dr. Nina Bogerd about refugees in Slovenia

Guest lecture Dr. Nina Bogerd about refugees in Slovenia

Last week Dr. Nina Bogerd provided a guest lecture to third-year bachelor Islamic theology students within the scope of the ‘Capita Selecta’ module, which’ theme this year is ‘The development of minorities’ position throughout the history, from religious/social/legal perspective.’

Dr. Bogerd, who lives and works in the Netherlands, departed in 2015 on her own initiative with collected money and baby carriers to her country of origin Slovenia for helping the refugees passing Slovenia on their way to different European countries. Later she also brought publications from the IUR Press in Arabic language, making it possible to offer at least education in those circumstances, especially for the children at asylum homes in Slovenia. During the guest lecture Dr. Bogerd illustrated the reality that she had to face in the refugee camps not only in Slovenia but also in Greece and the unforgettable experiences which she had gained there.

Back in the Netherlands, she is still actively involved in several activities for helping the refugee families; among others ‘Delft MaMa’ and ‘Delftse Buur’ in which last initiative ‘Welkom aan Tafel’, Dr. Bogerd opens her own house for a gathering.

Supporting Dr. Nina Bogerd in her initiative is possible. Her activities can be followed through the facebook page: .


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