New Master Degree in Islamic Spiritual Care in the English Language

New Master Degree in Islamic Spiritual Care in the English Language

The Islamic University of Rotterdam (IUR) starts this upcoming Academic Year 2016 – 2017 its new Master degree program Islamic Spiritual Care in the English language. President Prof. Dr. A. Akgündüz announced this news just recently. The program Islamic Spiritual Care in the English language will start enrolment for the Academic Year 2016 – 2017 and expects to receive applications this summer.

What is Islamic Spiritual Care about?

The Master degree program Islamic Spiritual Care is a vocational program equivalent to the University of Applied Sciences. The program offers students to develop professional skills, knowledge, insight and attitude to be able to provide spiritual care to those in times of difficulty and necessity. The program provides the necessary professional skills to deal with questions about spirituality and life to become proficient in guiding the sick, the elderly in religious, spiritual, social, philosophical and legal issues. It is designed to prepare students in a mediating and consultative roles in reference to the religious and spiritual sources and traditions.

The program is a two years-study and trains students to become recognized professional moral guides in applied Islamic psychological and spiritual care. The program is accredited by the NVAO, the Dutch- Flemish Accreditation Organization, which means that students who complete the program successfully receive a recognized diploma and are entitled to all educational facilities from the government and muslim (umbrella) organizations.

The application period has started as of now, and aspirant students may start enrollment process for the English Master program by contacting Student Administration:

For more information please refer to our website: .

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