European Halal Food Conference

European Halal Food Conference

“Will it still be possible for the Muslim consumerto eat chicken after January 1, 2013?”


As many of you already know, there are currently many problems concerning the certification of Halal products. The biggest problem at the moment has to do with the Halal chickens, as in many European countries it’s been almost impossible to slaughter chickens accordance the Halal requirements.

The slaughter without stunning is very limited permitted, and a rough estimate let us know that less than 10% of the total Halal consumption is slaughtered on a non-stunned way. All the rest of the Halal consumption is exposed to various stunning methods that take place with or without control of any Halal organizations. However, there are currently no standards regarding these slaughtered chickens with stunning.

In reality this means that there is a widespread abuse, of the good trust that the Muslim consumers have in the term Halal.

In response to all the recent developments, we organize a conference on03 December 2012.Where we have invited a large number of prominent Islamic scholars from in- and outside the Netherlands to talk and think together regarding this issue. We also invited several relevant Islamic organizations and institutions from Europe as representatives of many Muslim consumers, to be present. We also invited the most important representatives of the Dutch poultry sector and on behalf of the government several MPs will be present.


During this conference we want to make a clear picture of the current situation regarding the slaughter of poultry in general, and specifically the Halal slaughter. We will do this in the light of the new European legislation that is coming, namely the regulations killing of animals which will be implemented on 01.01.2013.

We shall discuss on this day the impact that the new legislation will have on the Muslim consumers.

That’s why the title of the conference is: “Will it still be possible for the Muslim consumer to eat chicken after January 1, 2013?”

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